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Covid-19 Emergency Care

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Covid-19 Emergency Care

We modify our schedule to avoid crowding at the same time and give staff more time for sanitization. Temporary closure of the clinic may occur

For emgergencies, please contact us immediately. Don't let your situation get worse as it may be difficult to get treated in coming week.

Temperature checks, patient evaluation daily information updates to all staff

All Patients and staff entering use hand sanitizer

All areas routinely sprayed with virucidal agents after each client

Strictest sterilization of all equipment after every treatment

One time use dental disposables


Experienced Doctors


Personalized, Urology Based Treatment


24 Hour Emergency

20 Years of Medical Excellence

Welcome to City Dental

City Dental & Orthodontic Clinic is a multispecialty and a multi disciplinary dental clinic situated in the heart of Delhi having two branches in East Patel Nagar & West Patel Nagar. The clinic functions on the concept of providing the patients, premium dental care under strict sterilized and infection free environment.

The Clinic is amongst the few dental clinics available in the area, which is equipped with the latest dental equipments, dental materials and sterilization equipments. Their objective is to provide comprehensive and prime dental care under one roof.

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We use a multi-modality approach to first identify the hurdles facing a patient’s teeth,and then identify methods to effectively build a better picture of teeth.

Exceptional Service

Our focus is on providing you with an efficient service with rapid diagnosis, fast access to treatment and first class patient care.

Premium Teeth Services
We offer high quality dental implants and cosmetic dental treatments by specialized and globally trained dentists in New Delhi, India.
Main Focus on Patient Treatments
Improving patient care has become a priority for all health care providers with the overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient.
Receive Quality Care from Our Staff
All clinical staff are professionally trained, including basic and advanced life support, healthy and safety Patients care.

Patient Information

Good oral care begins before a baby’s first tooth.

Babies are born with all their teeth. You can’t see them because they are hidden in the gums. Baby teeth start to break through the gums around 6 months. But it is important to start good oral care even before the first tooth comes in. From healthy gums come healthy teeth.

Kids have all their baby teeth by age 3. These are called primary teeth. Baby teeth start falling out around age 6; that’s when the permanent, or adult, teeth start coming in. Gaps between baby teeth are normal. They make room for the permanent teeth. Most permanent teeth come in by age 13.

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June 28, 2021

Vaccinated Staff

Fully vaccinated staff. Following all covid protocols. Successfully completed 18 years and ready to serve for...

January 23, 2021

Covid Care

We are taking all necessary covid precautions in our...

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